What is exactly the kiri urn?

It is an urn of 100% biodegradable material, designed to contain the ashes of a loved one and germinate a tree from them. The urn provides the right conditions for the growth and development of the chosen species, turning the ashes into a tree.

Why use the kiri urn?

  • It presents a creative and innovative solution being respectful of the environment, looking for a new way of understanding and transiting the duel for the loss of a loved one.
  • It is 100% biodegradable and friendly with planet earth. If a large part of the population used the KIRI urn, the results of tree planting could help refrain the greenhouse effect.
  • It is economical and maintenance free. The low unit costs make the KIRI urn an accessible product for all socio-economic segments.
  • It’s simple, its design applied to the user experience makes the KIRI urn can be used by anyone.

General questions

What is included in the box?

The product includes: the container box, the two sections of the KIRI urn (growth capsule and ash container), the selected seed (from 5 to 10 grams), fertile soil (300 grams) and the packaging with its instructions.

What is its size and weight?

The dimensions of the product are 160x160x282 mm and a weight of 400 grams.

What amount of ashes can it contain?

The Urn is prepared to contain 2kg of ashes. It should be borne in mind that the cremation of an average adult produces approximately 2kg of ashes.

Does the KIRI urn have an expiration date?

The kiri urn has no expiration. However, it is recommended to store in dry and well ventilated environments. In the case of the seed, to maximize its germination capacity, it is recommended to sow as soon as possible.

Once planted, does it require special care?

The same care is required as any other tree. Abundant humidity and light is recommended to ensure adequate germination.

Be sure to pay attention to special recommendations according to the species of tree selected.

Can I place a small amount of ashes?

You can place a small amount of ashes. Regardless of the quantity, when planted, the ashes are integrated into the soil, forming substrates that favor the growth of the tree.

Is it possible to use for pets?

The KIRI urn can be used for pets or people. Although the urn is generic for both cases, in the “Buy” section you can find the differentiated packaging.

Can I use my seed or seedling in the kiri urn?

Any type of seed or seedling can be used in the KIRI urn. It is recommended to sow regional or native species to ensure growth.

Where can the kiri urn be planted?

The kiri urn can be planted anywhere a tree could be planted. This includes gardens, forests, orchards and pots.

Do traditional cemeteries allow planting the kiri urn?

More and more traditional cemeteries are offering the KIRI urn, however it is necessary to ask in each cemetery to know their conditions.

Can it be planted in a pot?

The kiri urn can be planted in any space with fertile soil capable of containing the urn, including pots.

For purchase

What is the price of the kiri urn?

The price of the KIRI urn is USD 100 or its equivalent to the exchange rate of the purchase in the selected currency and includes plus taxes. The price does not include the shipping cost. Ask for prices for distribution.

What are the payment options?

You can buy online and credit and debit cards are accepted. Payment methods: paypal and wire transfer.

Is it safe to buy on the kiri.bio website?

Yes, purchases made on our website are protected and certified with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Thus, all information is transmitted in an encrypted manner, without compromising the confidentiality of our customers.


Can I become a distributor of kiri urns?

If you are interested in the product and would like to offer your customers the kiri urn, please send an email to [email protected]