In Japan there is an ancient tradition:

Every time a girl is born, a beautiful tree of lilac flowers is planted, which will grow by her side.

When the girl becomes a woman and marries, the tree is cut, and with her wood something is made for the house of the newlyweds, who will accompany them in their new life.

An ancient legend says that the Phoenix that is reborn from its ashes will only rest on a strong Kiri. It is a magical tree, it is the tree of new life, which, like the Phoenix, is reborn again and again if its trunk is cut.

Hundreds of years later, we know that Kiri is also the Tree that will save our lives. Its wood is strong and resistant to fire, and its deep roots survive storms and droughts, and save the soil from erosion.

It also grows faster than any other and lives more than 100 years. But the most important thing is that Kiri absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide than any other tree, and makes it the purest oxygen to breathe.

The Kiri gives us life, and today it can also be the tree of our new life, being reborn in it from our ashes, like the Phoenix.