Plant a tree, plant a story

We are a startup, whose headquarters are located in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The company was born some years ago with another project called Cinis Gem ( currently online. The idea comes up from the result of the market study, product of work and development during the initial stage of the mentioned project. The application and constancy that characterize us marked the direction for the industrial design and manufacture of the KIRI urn. The result is a quality, innovative and ecological product, designed to turn the ashes of a loved one into a tree.

Aware of the ecological impact that can be generated and the sentimental value it reflects on people, our motto is, “plant a tree, plant a story.”


Offer innovative, ecological and quality products, respecting the needs of the client in a framework of institutional responsibility, commitment and honesty of our organization. We intend to provide ecological awareness and promote tree planting, working together with our clients, civil society, non-governmental organizations and other companies.


Consolidate tree planting as a value and way to honor our loved ones in a world full of kiri trees and stories to tell.
To be a consolidated and recognized company at national and international level, in the commercialization, supply and distribution of innovative products and inputs of ecological impact, through trade operations that are distinguished by their quality, costs and competitiveness, strengthening reliable networks with our clients.


Our philosophy leads learning about caring for plants and trees.

Our philosophy


Independence: We follow an institutional and decisive autonomy according to an official instance from the government or any other that does not come from the institution.

Transparency: We base our work on honesty, mutual responsibility and maximum access to information as pillars of social and economic accountability.

Professionalism: We believe in enthusiasm and effort, but accompanied by preparation and training as mechanisms to carry out our work as well as possible.

Desire to change and ecological transformation: we pursue with our actions a true and profound ecological change.

Networking and collaboration: We believe that collaboration and networking, respecting our principles and values, is the most effective way to work and achieve our mission.


Coherence: We follow the correspondence between our mission and values and the actions we carry out. We aspire to do what we say and believe in what we do.
Solidarity: We understand that responsibility in the integral development of the human being is the essential value for the achievement of the common good and the defense of human dignity.
Respect: We consider respect as an essential value for social cohesion, which promotes peace and coexistence among people. We also recognize and defend cultural and ecological diversity.
Ecological awareness: We are aware of the ecological impact that the KIRI urns can generate on our planet and makes us consider and act in favor of the protection of the environment, natural resources and all forms of life, including our own.