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Kiri is a biodegradable urn capable of transform your loved ones into a tree.

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Kiri, life tree

Absorbs more CO2 and emits more oxygen than any other tree.

Biodegradable urn

Designed to biodegrade three weeks after being planted.

Grow life

Biodegradable urn

The Kiri urn makes it possible to plant a tree using the cremation ashes of a loved one as a substrate. Its innovative design provides the right conditions for germination and growth of the chosen species.

Biodegradable urn (upper and lower compartment)

Seed of choice (between 5 and 10 grams)

Fertile soil (300 grams)

Packaging with instructions

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Every tree is different and requires a handful of love and care.

Plant a tree


100% eco-friendly

The urn is 100% biodegradable and friendly to planet earth. If a large part of the population used the kiri urn, the results of tree planting could help contain and reverse the greenhouse effect.

The urn contains two built-in compartments, the lower one to contain the ashes and the upper one for tree germination.
Designed to biodegrade after three weeks of being buried, providing care for the growth of the tree during its initial stage.
It’s simple and intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use. Just be sure to follow the instructions according to the tree.


It is recommended to bury the seed 2 centimeters deep.

Upper compartment

The upper compartment contains the sufficient supply of soil to grow an outbreak of the chosen seed.

Bottom compartment

Kiri can be used with any amount of ashes, you can use all or only a portion.

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